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Reformulating Reform Based on Reality

It’s Time to Reform the Reformers Jim Arnold & Peter Smagorinsky Jim Arnold recently retired from the superintendent’s position of the Pelham City, GA Schools and blogs at . Peter Smagorinsky is Distinguished Research Professor of English Education at The University of Georgia whose public essays are archived at “The failure of public education” has become a de rigueur assumption in the public forum on public education, particularly among those who claim to possess the silver bullet for “reform.” The definition of reform signals the need to improve something for the better by removing faults, abuses, and evil ways. For there to be a need for reformers, then, those they wish to reform must be found to be as defective as possible. When the target of reform lacks sufficient dereliction, and a reformer still needs to advance his or her agenda, ideally with consulting fees, then the flaws must be ma