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Magic Beans and Silver Bullets

  Magic Beans and Silver Bullets    I have a question for you.   If someone said they had a magic solution to your local educational issues that guaranteed your child or grandchild – along with every other child in your community - would be educationally successful and academically competitive with every other child in your state would you be interested in hearing about it?   Of course you would.   “I have such a solution” said Governor Deal, “but I can’t give it to you unless you pass an amendment to the Georgia Constitution.”   Hold on there, pardner.   So you’re telling me that state control is the only way to improve schools designated by the state as failing?   That you can only tell us the secret answer if we give you even more control over educational finances than you already have?   Isn’t that rather childish of the man that’s supposed to be leading our state?   He knows the answer to academic achievement for all but won’t share it unless he gets his way?   The Governor