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It's So Hard To Say Goodbye...

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…     Most teachers love their jobs.  Most teachers are very good at their jobs.  As in any profession, there are exceptions, but what’s scary about the education profession now is not that there are enormous numbers of bad teachers (there aren’t) but that there are enormous numbers of good teachers that have recently retired or soon will.  Some absolutely can’t wait to get out that schoolhouse door for the last time, and their replacements are not exactly flooding into teacher prep courses. Add that to the 44% of new teachers that never make it past their first five years and we have a full blown teacher shortage.  Here are the numbers from the Georgia TRS:     Retirees in Georgia Yrs. Exp     2007     2008     2009     2010     2011     2012     2013     2014     2015     2016 10-15           975       1010     1008     1195     1455     1532     1721     1744     1659    1695 16-20           704       720         701      786        954